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When it comes to the vast, clean and renewable energy future, the importance of solar energy comes second to none. Thanks to advancements in technologies, that made it possible to create reliable solar energy resources to significantly meet the annual energy needs of the people across the world.

We, at OREX, offer top-notch solar solutions for industrial, residential and commercial use for our partners around the world. Established in 2011, the company has successfully expanded its operations to meet different solar energy needs of industries and has become one of the most trusted solar suppliers in China, the Middle East and Africa. Our solar powered products include solar panel and inverter, UPS charge controller, inverter solar cell, solar batteries, and PV powered inverter and so on.

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OREX tool helps you to calculate solar requirement (Panels, Batteries, Inverters) based on your inputs of electric appliances consumptions required.



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We at OREX supply unique and reliable, high quality solar energy products and services which include all of the stages involved in manufacturing, quality assurance and supplying. OREX was formed in 2011 identifying your needs and provide you with efficient low cost solar energy systems. We are confident that by using our solar energy systems you will begin saving money, time and energy from the beginning.







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OREX was formed in 2011, offering solar energy solutions to commercial, industrial and residential use for our partners and distributors in all over the world.

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