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Today, tall tubular batteries are highly demanding product in the market due to their long battery life and reliability as compared to normal flat plate batteries. The spine batteries are manufactured with high-pressure HADI casting technology that ensures a long life span even under rough usage and heavy temperature.

We, at Orex, are one of the best sellers of tall tubular batteries at highly competitive prices. Our tall tubular batteries meet all the set standards for electrical parameters including, capacity, Ah/Wh efficiency, internal resistance value and SOC voltage per cell.


AGM (absorption glass mat) batteries are now widely used as they offer relative long service life and deliver high currents on demand. These AGM batteries are made up of mates where glass fibre is woven to enhance the surface area. As a result, they work as lead-acid batteries and are charged 5 times faster as compared to batteries with flooded technology.

Orex offers a variety of AGM batteries, you can purchase them as per your requirements for terminals, weight, internal resistance and discharge current. We deliver cyclic, standby, high rate and long life AGM batteries, which are even resistant to vibration.


OREX was formed in 2011, offering solar energy solutions to commercial, industrial and residential use for our partners and distributors in all over the world.

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