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MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controllers ensure that the load in your electrical appliances receive maximum current. Using solar-based MPPT charge controllers are the best way to deliver the peak power voltage to the loads, with minimum loss.

We, at OREX, are specialized in delivering the best-quality MPPT charge controllers at wholesale prices. All our products are highly energy-efficient and hold ideal values for low voltage protection, low-pressure recovery, float voltage and so on.

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PWM (Pulse width modulation) charge controllers are developed on a time tested technology and are quite inexpensive and durable. They have been used for many years in solar-powered systems for residential as well as commercial purposes.

OREX is a reputed wholesale supplier of PWM charge controllers. We offer a range of PWM charge controllers that provide reverse connection protection, load over current protection and are available with different range of system voltages.


OREX was formed in 2011, offering solar energy solutions to commercial, industrial and residential use for our partners and distributors in all over the world.

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