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Installing a high capacity inverter is the best way to deliver uninterrupted power to your electric devices. These types of inverters are available with different load capacities and voltage. You should always consider buying a high capacity inverter to meet higher energy needs with maximum peak power and steady current supply.

OREX is one of the most reputable wholesale suppliers of top-quality high-capacity inverters. With a diverse range of solar-based high capacity inverters, we ensure that you get the best products at pocket-friendly prices.


Solar water pump inverters are in great demand due to plenty of perks they offer as compared to those conventional electrical water pumps. Besides absorbing sunlight radiation energy and convert it into AC power, they adjust the output frequency in real-time as per the change of the intensity of sunlight.

Being the most trusted wholesale distributor of solar water pump inverters, OREX offers superior products that also surpass all the average household needs for water pump inverters.


Hybrid inverter’s function the same as battery inverters and standard string inverters. They not only convert the DC into AC but discharge and charge your solar battery bank. They also present a more seamless and budget-friendly solution instead of the installation of both battery and standard string inverters.

We, at OREX, are the wholesaler of Hybrid inverters with MPPT controllers. Our inverters with huge power capacity enable them to power inductive loads easily and help you to get the most out of solar power.


These days, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology is widely used in solar-powered inverters to give a steady output with irrespective of the load. The solar-based PWM inverters are more superior than those conventional inverters as they come with additional circuits for voltage control.

OREX is a UAE-based wholesale supplier of solar-based PWM inverters. Each PWM inverter is made up of top-grade material and specifications. We strive to deliver you with the best-in-class products that meet all your energy needs for residential as well as commercial purposes.


Going solar is one of the smart ideas to get unaffected with the rising power crisis around the world. With so many solar power products available in the market, solar home UPS has its own advantages. It can provide you with an uninterrupted supply of power during power cuts and interferences.

OREX is known for delivering the highest-quality solar home UPSs systems at budget-friendly prices. We offer solar home UPS with different power capacities, you can purchase the one that suits them best to your power requirements.


Power outrages become the major concern when they affect your sense of comfort. In such a scenario, solar UPS installation got your back. This provides you with limited backup power for outrage so that the electronic devices and home appliances that are hooked up to it won't get affected.

We offer a selection of home UPS in wholesale to provide you with an uninterrupted supply of power. Our Home UPS will not only provide you with the solution for outrages but they will prove to be very helpful in reducing your utility bills.


Modify sin wave inverters have a huge demand everywhere as they are superior in performance and quality. They are usually cost-efficient and provide a nifty solution for those who use electrical appliances and devices on the go.

OREX is a most reputed wholesale supplier of modify sin wave inverters. We offer a different range of modify sin wave inverters; you can purchase the one that suits your requirements.


OREX was formed in 2011, offering solar energy solutions to commercial, industrial and residential use for our partners and distributors in all over the world.

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