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GOLD Euro Quality solar panels rated A are the most preferred option because they provide high efficiency in terms of electrical conductivity which is absolutely necessary for the conversion of solar energy and the second reason is the presence of more solar cells in the GOLD panels.

OREX sells the panels with the Gold brand. All panels meet ideal working conditions with specified temperature values. You can get OREX Gold up to 375 watts depending on your power requirements.


Monocrystalline Solar panels can be considered as the most developed and efficient types of solar cells. As a result, they have been given the lion's share of attention from several teams of research and development. The space efficiency, high power output, long life span and performance are just a few advantages of monocrystalline solar panels that fulfill all your solar needs.

At OREX, we are a leading provider of top-quality mono solar panels that not only benefit you in the long run but will prove to be a smart decision. You can choose from a wide range of products from OREX when it comes to switching to solar for your home.


When you evaluate the types of solar panels for your PV (Photovoltaic) system, you will end up finding out polycrystalline solar panels (poly) as the best and reliable option. Due to their appearance, efficiency and performance, polycrystalline solar panels (poly) are gaining immense popularity for residential as well as commercial purposes.

You can browse and select the best suitable polycrystalline solar panel out of huge categories available at OREX. Whether you need the poly solar panel of 10W or 300W, you can purchase the same of any range from our store and leverage its ultimate performance while increasing the operating temperature.


OREX was formed in 2011, offering solar energy solutions to commercial, industrial and residential use for our partners and distributors in all over the world.

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